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1 May 2013 sees
the commencement
of BCA 2013. This
version of the Building
Code of Australia
introduces new
requirements for
some windows in
a range of buildings,
including early
childhood centres.
Ask us how this
might affect your
next project.


Brentnall Technical Solutions

Brentnall Technical Solutions provides BCA consulting services to all properties and projects. We provide general advice on all BCA matters and also provide specific advice regarding fire safety, including fire safety audits of existing buildings and reviews of Council fire orders, accessibility and energy efficiency.

BCA Consulting Services

Design Stage

We can help you achieve compliance with the Building Code of Australia at any stage of your design, from a quick review of the major issues at the concept design stage, a BCA capability report to accompany your Development Application or detailed advice through design development.

We can even conduct a design efficiency review to find you a more efficient way of complying with the BCA or work on that BCA compliance issue that is twisting your brain.

Construction services

Already working on site? Want to know if your construction methods are going to satisfy your certifier? We can carry out site inspections to assist your tradesmen and to help keep your certifier happy. We document these inspections to help you demonstrate to your certifier that your building is compliant with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

We can also offer advice to make compliance more efficient and to fix those problems that inevitably come up along the way.

Compliance Documentation

One of the great bugbears of construction is the compliance documentation that is required for you to have your work signed off. We speak the certifier’s language and understand both the BCA as well as the conditions of the Development Consent so we can assist in the co-ordination of the necessary paperwork from your sub-contractors so that the final certification is a seamless process.

Public Sector Projects

We have the expertise and experience to issue certification required by the government to confirm compliance for Crown projects. We can assist with any project type from schools to hospitals, to military facilities, courthouses and train stations. You name it, chances are we’ve done it and we’re happy to help get your project completed and certified with a minimum of fuss.

Existing Buildings

With the regular changes to the Building Code of Australia, existing buildings quickly fall short of the current requirements. We can review the compliance achieved by existing buildings with the Building Code of Australia to identify those parts of the building that require an upgrade to comply with the BCA.

We can prepare a report for the building owner identifying the areas that must be upgraded as appropriate to their situation, be it for a BCA upgrade program, a specific risk, a redevelopment program, due diligence process or in response to an Order from Council. We can also assist in the development of a BCA compliance upgrade program and any negotiations with Council.

Property Safety Risk Inspections & OH&S Audits

Through our partners, Safe Environments Pty Ltd we are able to offer audits of your property to identify hazards that may be detrimental to the occupants of the building.

For more info visit www.safeenvironments.com.au/property-safety