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Certification Services

How do Accredited Certifiers work?

In NSW, the NSW Department of Planning provides accreditation to professionals to act as certifiers for construction works through the Building Professionals Board.

Accredited Certifiers, also known as private certifiers, are appointed by the property owner to ensure that all building work meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and the conditions of any Development Consent.  The Accredited Certifier is bound by their accreditation to make sure that the work complies with all of the BCA & DA requirements that apply to the building.

And Brentnall Certification?

Our job as Accredited Certifiers is to make sure the work is done right, but beyond that, as your certification partner, our reason for being is making sure that the process of getting your building approved is as seamless as possible.

We make sure that you get the building compliance that you’re paying for and we work hard to see that the process is as simple and efficient as possible.


Mark Brentnall is accredited as a Grade A1 Certifier by the Building Professionals Board. This allows Brentnall Certification to certify projects of any size and type throughout New South Wales, including projects involving fire engineered solutions.

What services do we offer?

We can issue the following certification

1. Construction Certificates

Once you have a Development Consent you can get started with your construction work once you have a Construction Certificate.

Download a Construction Certificate application form
Download a Construction Certificate application checklist

2. Complying Development Certificate

The NSW Department of Planning has released statewide planning instruments that allow for the approval of commercial and residential building works without the need for a Development Application.

Brentnall Certification can issue your Complying Development Certificate with a minimum of fuss where you can provide the documents in our Complying Development Certificate checklist.

Download a Complying Development Certificate application form
Download a Complying Development Certificate application checklist
Information on Complying Development

3. Mandatory Inspections

With your Construction Certificate you will be provided with a list of inspections that must be carried out through the building works. As the Principal Certifying Authority for the works we carry out these inspections.

In addition to the mandatory inspections, we also carry out audit inspections to check on things like fire rating, sound insulation and services installation to help pick up issues that you will need to look for further down the track.

Whilst these inspections are not required they are part of the service that we offer to make sure that there is a minimum of fuss in completing the building work to all of the relevant requirements.

4. Occupation Certificates

Once your work is finished you will need an Occupation Certificate to confirm that it all complies with the Development Consent and Building Code of Australia. You are not able to legally use your building without an Occupation Certificate (it also applies to things like swimming pools, flagpoles, retaining walls and other structures)

Download an Occupation Certificate application form
Download an Occupation Certificate application checklist

To apply for a certificate, please complete the appropriate application form and return it with all the necessary documentation to:

Brentnall Certification Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 8888
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Email: certificates@brentnallgroup.com.au