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About Us

Mark Brentnall

Mark Brentnall has worked in the construction industry as an Accredited Certifier and building regulations consultant for more than 20 years. In that time there is little in the area of Building Code of Australia compliance that he hasn’t seen.

Following a period of time in local government Mark has worked alongside some of the marquee names in the building regulations field, all the time learning all there is to know about building regulations and the construction methods to which they apply.

Mark has gained extensive experience in assisting the design of complex projects such as hospitals, aged care facilities, sports stadiums and shopping centres.

With a reputation for technical expertise and quality advice the Brentnall Group can deliver solutions that are appropriate for your project.

Wesley Vos

Wesley Vos has worked in the building certification industry for many years starting out with roles in local government and moving into the private field to make best use of his attitude towards accurate advice and efficient service.

Wesley’s role for Brentnall Certification is to look after all domestic residential construction, issuing Construction Certificates, Complying Development Certificates and Occupation Certificates and giving advice on the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Wesley’s main focus during his time in the industry has been on residential development, dealing with everything from standard project building to intricate architects’ designs. Through his focus on residential development he has developed a complete understanding of the residential volume of the BCA and the legislation related to building certification. He has a great deal of experience acting as a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) and carrying out mandatory critical stage inspections.

Wesley’s experience has seen him dealing with almost all council’s within the Sydney metropolitan area. Due to his vast exposure to DA conditions of all varieties he prides himself on dealing with the difficult matters that may otherwise see a project stopped or having significant delays.

If you need smooth progress through your certification please feel free to contact Wesley to discuss the services that he can offer.